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The Weight Loss Revolution: Hype or Healthcare Shift?
Merill SICAV - 27.09.2023
The world of healthcare investment is changing because of exciting new developments in weight-loss medication, driven by groundbreaking drugs like Wegovy from Novo Nordisk. These medications not only aid weight loss but also reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by about 20%, reshaping investment trends in healthcare. In our recent episode... Read More

The Land of Rising Stocks: Warren Buffett's bet on Japan
Merill SICAV - 29.06.2023
The Japanese stock market has recently been undergoing a resurgence, boosted by Warren Buffett’s investments and the subsequent high-profile trip to the country. Structural changes in the shareholders’ approach could redefine its market and offer significant long-term opportunities for foreign investors looking for value investments. In... Read More

The AI Race: Semiconductors in the Spotlight
Merill SICAV - 16.06.2023
Last month, chipmaker NVIDIA joined a small group of companies with a valuation of $1 trillion, on the back of unprecedented earnings guidance driven by the recent AI boom.  In our latest Merill Talks epsiode Marc El-lazidi, CIO at JMFA and journalist Yannick Pace, discuss the race to AI supermacy and the winners and losers in the... Read More

Tech Resilience: Weathering the Black Swan Storm
Merill SICAV - 31.05.2023
The term ' Black Swan Events ' refers to rare unpredictable events with serious consequences. Looking at the past few years, one can observe the increased frequency of events such as Covid-19, the Ukraine conflict and the banking crisis. Marc Ellazidi, CIO at JMFA and Yannick Pace, Journalist look at how to dissect between tech stocks... Read More