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Tech Resilience: Weathering the Black Swan Storm
Merill SICAV - 31.05.2023
The term ' Black Swan Events ' refers to rare unpredictable events with serious consequences. Looking at the past few years, one can observe the increased frequency of events such as Covid-19, the Ukraine conflict and the banking crisis. Marc Ellazidi, CIO at JMFA and Yannick Pace, Journalist look at how to dissect between tech stocks... Read More

Finding Opportunity in Europe's Existential Crisis
Financial Market Reviews - 8.05.2023
Embracing Europe's Role in a Multipolar World: Uncovering Investment Potential Marc Ellazidi, CIO at Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors, delves into opportunities arising from Europe's unique position amidst global power dynamics, with a focus on the growing influence of the Chinese market. You can find the full conversation... Read More