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Japan's Semiconductor Dominance Reemerges with Economic Recovery
Merill SICAV - 15.04.2024
Explore Japan's semiconductor industry revival, powered by a skilled workforce and proactive government policies. The nation's dominance in semiconductors, driven by dedicated workers and innovation, presents a challenge to global competitors.  Moreover, recent policy changes, such as the Bank of Japan's decision to halt negative... Read More

Merill SICAV 8th Annual General Meeting
Merill SICAV - 8.04.2024
  Merill SICAV 8th Annual General Meeting marks another year of success   Merill SICAV plc successfully conducted its 8th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 15, 2024, in which it presented the financial statements for the year ended 31 st July 2023. Following the AGM, Mr Jesmond Mizzi, managing director of the fund... Read More

Driving Change: Adapting to Turbulence in Germany's Auto Industry
Merill SICAV - 2.04.2024
Germany's economic landscape faces challenges, particularly within its automotive industry, amidst geopolitical tensions and shifting global demand. Additionally, technological and innovation disparities pose hurdles to Europe's growth and competitiveness on the world stage. In our latest episode of Merill Talks, we delve deeper into these... Read More