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The Merill SICAV P.L.C. is a multi-fund public limited liability investment company with variable share capital (SICAV), licensed as a collective investment scheme by the MFSA. The Company is structured as an open-ended self-managed collective investment scheme and qualifies as a ‘Maltese UCITS’ in terms of the UCITS Regulations and the UCITS Directive.

The Merill SICAV plc is a multi-fund structure and has currently established four sub-funds, namely Merill Total Return Income Fund, Merill High Income Fund, Merill Global Equity Income Fund, and Merill Strategic Balanced Fund. It is a self-managed UCITS. The Board of Directors shall retain overall responsibility for the implementation of the investment objectives and policies of the Scheme in respect of each Fund, directing the investment management of its assets, and the management and monitoring of risk. The Board has established and will receive support from the Investment Committee.

For the purpose of a more efficient conduct of its business, the Company has appointed Jesmond  Mizzi Financial Advisors Limited to act as Portfolio Manager to the Scheme and its sub-funds.  Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors Limited shall be responsible for, and has been delegated, the day to day investment and risk management of the assets of the sub-funds of the Scheme in accordance with the respective investment objectives, policies, strategies and restrictions set out in the respective Offering Supplement and the rules and guidelines issued by the Investment Committee from time to time, and under the general supervision and direction of the Directors and the Investment Committee.