Fund Facts

What is a fund?

A pool of funds collected from a number of individuals which are then invested in different securities to yield a return.



All UCITS funds can be marketed and sold across the countries within the European Union and are regulated by the UCITS Directive


What are the benefits of investing in a fund?

A fund is an investment vehicle which allows for diversification strategy with  lower transaction costs while providing liquidity to the investor.


How to Invest?

Subscription to the fund represents a request to buy and invest in the fund. A Redemption represents a request from the investor to sell his holdings in the fund.



This is a document which contains details about the fund including its investment objectives and strategies as well as details on any fees and distribution policies involved. This document provides the necessary information for an investor to take an informed decision.



The Key Information Document contains salient information relating to a particular Fund or (as appropriate) to a particular class or classes of Investor Shares in a Fund, as required by the MFSA Rules and  the UCITS Regulations



Net Asset Value of any Fund represents the price per share. UCITS funds require the NAV to be calculated daily.