Investment Options
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Fixed Income

Our investment strategy is mainly aimed at analysing the bigger picture by looking at the global and regional economies, market trends and psychology. This top-down approach enables us to focus on investment grade, high-yield and sovereign bonds, issued globally and locally.

Stock selection is based on a combination of yield curve analysis and sector  evaluation in order to enhance risk-adjusted returns.

Only approved issuers are chosen.



Based on substantial research, the underlying strategy aims at evaluating the level of market risk and return opportunity across economic sector, regions and currencies. Similarly, this top-down strategy aims to provide the highest returns relative to various market scenarios. Our focus is to choose attractivel priced equities, diversifying across both value and growth stocks. Technical analysis is used as the basis for market timing.   


Our approach aims at creating the perfect mix across all asset classes ranging from traditional assets, such as equities and fixed income, aswell as commodities, structured products and currencies.This strategy maximises diversification benefits in line with market expectations.    

Fund of Funds

As part of our investment strategy our professional team of researchers incorporates holdings in other funds to enhance diversification across investment strategies and individual securities through a blend of quantitative and qualitaive analyses. A bottom-up approach is used to filter and monitor  600 funds from a database of 75,000 funds. On a daily basis the funds are evaluated  to then select the top performers from each category. Focus is placed on the funds' volatility relative to their benchmark in order to minimise monthly drawdowns. Liaison with the fund manager is also carried out daily for the latest weightings and allocations. Direct meetings are held with a variety of fund managers on regular basis.