Merill Investment Approach
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Our Risk Management Philosophy underlies Merill's Investment Approach. Aiming at controling the overall risk taken, our Investment Approach is based on ongoing monitoring of the portfolio's risk exposure and to invest in line with the risk parameters set. 

Our Core Strategy is that of maximising returns for the level of risk taken to maintain sufficient risk adjusted returns - a philosophy that has been proven to be reslient during times of crisis.


Risk Management Function

The Scheme, as a self-managed UCITS, has a permanent risk management function that has been delegated to Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors. In view  that directors of Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors are also appointed as members of the Board of the Company and also as members of the Investment Committee, the Board has decided to appoint an independent member of the Board of Directors as Risk Monitor, with functions to oversee the risk management function.  

To maintain hierarchical and functional independence, the board of directors of Jesmond Mizzi Financial Advisors have established a Risk and Regulatory Committee, responsible to ensure the effective implementation of the risk management process by the Portfolio Manager. This approach provides the hierarchical and operational independence that the Sicav requires to maintain a robust and pervasive risk culture within the Company. 

The Risk and Regulatory Committee is chaired by Mr. Ian-Edward Stafrace .


Mr. Ian-Edward Stafrace (Chairperson), MSc (Risk Mgmt.) FIRM FCII PIOR Chartered Insurer


Mr. Stafrace is the Chief Risk Officer of Atlas Insurance PCC with 15 years multi-disciplined experience in risk management, commercial underwriting, business intelligence analysis and project management with further specialisations in areas of protected cells and captives. He also co-founded and is currently President of the Malta Association of Risk Management (MARM), a member of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). He achieved Master of Science in Risk Management with distinction from Birmingham City University. The dissertation was entitled "A Risk Management Framework for EU Insurance Protected Cell Companies that achieves Solvency II Pillar 2 requirements". He is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Risk Management (IRM) having also obtained its International Diploma in Risk Management. He is a Chartered Insurer and Fellow of the UK Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), and Professional Member of the UK Institute of Operational Risk.